Monday, November 10, 2008

Where I'm From Tour - continued..

Check it out: The Where I'm From Tour Music Video!

Tristan from Tough Dumplin and Chenel from JunkPrints are the energetic masterminds behind the music and art event that was held at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg this past Sat. The 'Foundation for Better Music' under Tristans direction is bringing emerging musical artists - plus artists from other disciplines - together two cities at a time with the mission of expanding exposure beyond geographical barriers. This past event was Toronto Meets New York.

Featured in the video are many of my beyond talented studio mates! Be patient, stay with it - reiter8 with stills form the (way) past and present is all the way at the end!

Thanks Tristan and Chanel (and Mike) - I had a great time - great event!