Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Thing - Bad Thing - Good Thing

Good Thing: A custom order of bags got finished and was sent out last night (more about that later).
Bad Thing: I was still sewing and missed the reception of Kyle Stavers recent work.
Good thing: Kyles show runs until December 22 at the Lohin Geduld Gallery on
531 W25th St. NYC. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 6
Kyle Staver presents a world of bikers, loving couples, and voluptuous women. Ordinary moments that make up the fabric of human existence are transformed by Staver into vignettes filled with grace, empathy, and surprise. Men and women cohabitate environments, intimately relating to one another. A biker and his rider are chased by a frenzied dog. A woman reflects upon her mirrored self. Staver investigates the fragility and drama of life, complete with all its trappings, joys and sorrow.

These contemporary scenes are enhanced by Staver’s remarkable painterly inventions. Light flickers and bounces through her compositions. Luminous passages of translucent color daze and warm our senses. Her looping lines can suggest the speed and joy of the open road, or the subtle caress of undergarment on skin. Space and light are not merely depicted, but seem to be felt and massaged into existence. Staver composes with planar shifts and scale changes, creating abstract patterns and directional vectors that propel her narratives. Imagined interior dialogues mingle with visual pleasures, as we become both voyeur and participant in Staver’s sensually painted world.

pictured below is Bad Dog on Sparta Road, 2007 oil on linen, 68 x 56 inches

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brooklyn Sampler - Update

Curated by Nicole Davis, founder and editor of Brooklyn Based, the Brooklyn Sampler is poised to go on sale for just $20 this Saturday (12/1) at 10 am PST, or 1 our time, online at Nicole gives a sneak peek and offers an email reminder on her site. As Nicole describes:
It’s an incredible value for one-of-a-kind work made by your gifted neighbors ... artists, designers and crafters who hail from Bed-Stuy, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Ditmas Park, East New York, Fort Greene, Greenpoint, Kensington, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Sunset Park, Williamsburg, and Windsor Terrace, and whose work is available at fabulous boutiques like Spring in Dumbo, Rare Device in Park Slope, the Brooklyn Indie Market, or online at that one-stop-shop for handmade goods, Etsy.
This box is so Brooklyn, it’s even wrapped in Brooklyn maps and lined with The Brooklyn Paper (there’s also a map of the future Brooklyn Greenway and a Zagat’s guide to BK restos inside).

Reiter8 has contributed 100 card holders/mini wallets made from sails and lined in denim. I'm excited to be a contributer in such great company!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trunkt Showcase

Trunkt is a curated buyer's guide to the best of independent art and design. My showcase has been published on the front page! A showcase is a collection with a theme. Trunkt members have such beautiful photography of their products so it's fun to troll and pick and choose and create connections.
Not much time to comment as I am working on a a really fantastic custom order. More about that tomorrow...

Monday, November 26, 2007


Been busy making bags and taking pictures. Reiter8's Etsy shop has been updated and there are some great bags up for grabs!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cozy in Carroll Gardens

Thinking about knitting something special for the holidays? Head over to the Brooklyn General Store at 128 Union St (btwn Columbia & Hicks) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The aged wooden wall to wall shelving units are stocked full with cashmere, silk, wool and cotton yarns. The back of the store features patterns and books and magazines including not so easy to find Selvedge magazine.

Amy Butler fabrics, needles in every size, thread, embroidery floss, blankets, dolls, pillows, bags - there's so much to inspire. Need to brush up on your skills? There are classes from sewing 101 to Fair Isle Mitten Workshop.

Store Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 12 – 7, Friday: 12 - 6, Saturday: 12 – 6, Sunday: 12 - 5 or by appointment

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Flurries Are Starting to Accumulate

No, not snow flakes or presents it's the holiday catalogs that are stacking up. They came a few at a time and then a couple weeks ago the onslaught started and hasn't let up. My husband Peter joined Catalog Choice, a free service that allows you to opt-out to getting catalogs and has been diligently updating our list
According to Catalog Choice:

Over eight million tons of trees are consumed each year in the production of paper catalogs.

There are other significant environmental impacts from the catalog cycle. The production and disposal of direct mail alone consumes more energy than three million cars.

The manufacturing, distribution, collection and disposal of catalogs generates global warming gases as well as air and water pollution. Reducing the number of unwanted catalogs that are mailed will help the environment.

Green Dimes came to my attention this morning. They claim a 90% reduction in junk mail and they plant trees as part of their program. I'm sure there are tons of other programs out there.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

walking trends: color

This beautiful color combination caught my eye today.
And here it is again:

And again and again:

And this was accross the street. Some color combos are screaming to be noticed.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Storque Spotlight

I got an order via Etsy the other day and the delivery address was...Etsy. Etsy HQ is within walking distance so I couldn't resist personally delivering the bag. Vanessa, the recipient, was very gracious and despite my unannounced visit took time to chat and gave me a great tour. The Etsy people have a pretty sweet set up over at 325 Gold St on the 6th Floor. There's lots of equipment, supplies and spaces to work. It was great to meet everyone in person. I am a big fan of Etsy. The interface is fun and easy - kind of like the atmosphere over on Gold Street.

Read more about the visit in the Storque Spotlight.As always, thanks for your order!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Etsy Virtual Labs

Ok, this is way too fun. Etsy has created a virtual lab were members can drop in on scheduled classes and discussions. For example, Wednesdays at 3:00 the Marketing Room holds classes like 10 Minute Marketing, Marketing Your Shop 101 and Marketing on a Shoe String.

Fridays at 1:00 there are shop critiques in Shop Setup. Daytime hours not convenient? Shop Critique is also offered in the Tree house on Thursday evenings at 9:00. Check the Storque for upcoming schedule and archives of past classes.

Once you settle into the room (yes, the very interactive interface allows you to change seats, spin, raise your hand, laugh, blush, send little hearts, cupcakes or paper airplanes flying) there's valuable info to taken in. The moderators are on a video link and can upload pics and post links. Everyone can comment and add to the content. Voting and polls are periodically run real time and there's no lurking as your icon shows which way you've voted or if you abstained.

It's fun and fast and informative. Thanks Etsy!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Fresh

I'm always excited to see the latest issue of Edible Brooklyn - the quarterly free magazine all about the boroughs food scene - and the Fall 2007 issue is out.

Everything about this publication is delicious. The articles are varied and informative. The photography is absolutely beautiful. And not to be overlooked is the heavier weight paper it's printed on.

Edible Communities Publications currently offers 38 regional issues and more in development.

Browse through the current issue and archives here

Pick up Brooklyn issues at these locations

Fall 2007 cover photo credit: Michael Harlan Turkell

Friday, November 9, 2007

With a Little Help From My Friends

Introductions first: This is Alex. He is a 2 1/2 yr old cock-a-poo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix). We adopted him and no-good-cute-as-can-be brother, Beau, when they were 8 months old. We were looking for one but they were a "two-for" and are truly inseparable.

I cut all of the sails used for my products by hand. I like personally making sure that I am getting the most out of every sail. Trying to squeeze use out of every inch of material. I'm also looking to place a little character (grommet, sail seam) within the pieces I cut when ever possible.

Laying a sail out on the floor is like a magnet for pets. Instantly they rush to check it out. 'What's this? What's under? Oh, this is fun to run on. Can you find me if I tunnel under it? The edge is nice to bite' Eventually they settle and take on the roll of 'sail weights'. Thanks guys, I can work reassured that I am covered should a sudden gust of wind blow through. Now could you move a little to the side...I have to work here.

**NOTE: All sail pieces are cleaned prior to sewing

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wings and Petals

Poppytalk Handmade- November Market is up and running.
I am thrilled to be a part of the online street market this month over at Poppytalk. Birds and flowers caught my eye this morning as I was poking around the market. There are a wide variety of handmade products curated by hardworking and gracious hosts Jan and Earl.

Check back often at the market as we will all be updating our 'tables' throughout the month.

row 1: sugar loop, deadbird finds, alicia bock
row 2: cabin + cub, 3 P-3, ditazol
row 3: beehive kitchenware, yumiyumi, the foundling
row 4: liz mathews, lauren alane, megan auman

**I will try to update with individual links!**

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kinokuniya -New York main store opens

Japanese craft book alert! Kinokuniya has recently opened it's new main store located opposite Bryant Park at 1073 Avenue of the Americas between 40th and 41st Streets.

Make a B-line for the lower level to find books on sewing, crocheting, knitting, beading, felting, and ... sock and gloving. There is a display table of 'craft best sellers' (see pic) in front of an expanded craft section (also pictured). Their craft section has to be at least 3 times larger than the one at Rockefeller Center.

Don't forget to get lost in the Interior Design section among books like French Boys Rooms, Danish Rooms for Girls, Kitchens in Paris, and Danish Kitchens. Downstairs also houses the expanded stationary section (an increase of about 4 times the previous space) with LOTS of mini stickers and magnets in addition to high-end fountain pens and calligraphy sets.

They now carry 'Cotton Time' on the airy street level magazine section. They also feature a branch of Cafe Zaiya, a Japanese-style pastry and sandwich shop on the second floor that I will make a point to visit next time.

Find info (Mostly in Japanese) here. . Store hours: Mon-Sat 10AM -9:30PM Sun 11AM - 7 PM

Check out Crafting Japanese for more info on additional stores, books, projects and translation resources.

WIP - the sampler

I am taking part in the Brooklyn Sampler! The Sampler is a collection of small items from indie crafters, artists, shops, zines and even record labels who together create a great collection that is distributed to subscribers and Media Reps from all over the world. I promised 100 somethings...(I will reveal my finished contribution after the sampler goes out). They are to be finished and dropped off by Sunday. A sick kid has put a little wrinkle in the schedule today. But I think I had enough padding in the plan to avoid a sewing session that lasts into the wee hours of the morning.

As you can see the back of my tags suggest that you 'consume consciously' and this morning I noticed this blog on Conscious Spending. Lots of good resources - check it out.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Sometimes, love cuts like a knife"

So says the New York City Opera when describing Carmen. We had the pleasure of an invitation to join friends at the opera on Sat night. Going to the opera has always been on my lifetime 'to do' list and I was thrilled to be ticking it off. Dress up? Check. Eat a fabulous dinner in the green room at the opera house? Check. Sit and enjoy with eyes and ears the amazing talent that makes up the New York City Opera? Check. Many thanks to Kara and Roy and Julie and Joseph.
Listen to an audio sample and watch a trailer here and purchase tickets here.

Hmmm, what's next on the list???

Throwing my hat in the ring

Well, here we go. Thought of taking images for this first post, but since I'm not a real hat wearer Mary says it all for me.