Thursday, October 27, 2011

OMG - OG Studios

Traditional, simple, minimal and ... modern? Yes.

These chairs are created by O & G Studios. Check 'em out on sale at Fab.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

PBS Off Book: Expanding the Definition of Art

Check out the latest video installment from PBS Off Book on Etsy Art and Culture.

Reiter8 was lucky enough to be featured along side the fabulous Alyssa Zygmunt, from BROOKLYNrehab and the enlighted (couldn't help it) Allison Patrick, from zipper8lighting.

Vanessa Bertozzi, Director of Community & Education at Etsy speaks about Etsy's outlook and approach to art. She says at Etsy they don't consider there to be a hierarchy where fine artists are on a different level than those create accessible art or who craft. I do love that Etsy is not a curated site and that it's so accessible from both ends: those who create and those who are looking for creations.

I do think that there is validity and skill to expressing your creativity in any of the vast array of mediums available and that when you do that you are an artist. What do you think?