Monday, August 24, 2009

Truck Farm

Truck Farm photo by Ian Cheney.

I have passed this parked truck many times on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook this summer. Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis had the ingenious idea of growing veggies in the flat bead of a 1986 Dodge truck. And what ingenious idea is not complete by filming it these days? Truck Farm is no exception and has documented it's progress with a solar powered cab mounted time lapse camera. The folks at Wicked Delicate have created a series of videos complete with quirky soundtracks that sing the story of Truck Farm.

For $20 you can subscribe to the farm are received an 'unknowable amount' produce, a dvd of the short film and an invitation to the WD Truck Farm Summer Picnic. Not close enough to picnic? Subscribe anyway and you'll get a bottle of smokin' hot sauce made from the Fall habaneros pepper crop.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glenn Robinson - NYer of the Week!

Congrats to Glenn Robinson, founder of Bags for the People (BFTP) for being named this week's NYer of the Week by NY1.

'Glenn Robinson used to sell vegetables at the stand in the Union Square and hand them over to customers in tens of thousands of plastic bags.

"We were giving out plastic bags left and right and it just seemed like a problem to me and I was part of the problem, I was actually handing them out," says Robinson.

So five months ago, Robinson started making cloth bags to give to people at the stand. The idea took off and he started the organization "Bags For The People," which holds sewing workshops for the public and in schools.'

With sewing machines fueled by solar panels, Glenn is sewing live at farmers markets. Find the full schedule here. Whether permitting he'll be at Union Square Farmers Market today, Saturday, August 22 sewing from 10:00 - 2:00. BFTP will be sewing and giving away bags in conjunction with the soon to be released No Impact Man Documentary.

BFTP is a non profit and therefore depends on the generosity of people who can donate materials, time and funds. More on how you can support here.

Watch the full NY1 NYer of the Week video at NY1 online

Friday, August 21, 2009

Recycled Sail Christmas Stockings

I've had a custom request for a pair of upcycled sail Christmas stockings and didn't want to send them off with out proper documentation. I was trying to wrap my head around feeling festive for Christmas and it was a little tough since the heat index was something like 126 degrees in my non air-conditioned home yesterday - and again today, thank you very much!

So here they are:

I know that last photo needs poinsettias around the base of the fireplace. They are a little scarce in Brooklyn in late August.

I'm pleased with how the stockings came out: sturdy, clean and bright. Ready and waiting for Santa ... only 125 days to go! (But don't get me wrong - I LOVE people who plan ahead.) I will be making more stockings like these (in two sizes) and they will be for sale online by late September. I'll keep you posted. If you can't wait and want to reserve, drop me an email.

And now we return to your regularly scheduled summer...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Newly Listed

New in Reiter8's' Etsy shop:

This is a great group of bags with so many authentic sail features. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

But, Wait! There's More!

The Sloop Clearwater has added an extra public sail to their schedule in Brooklyn! It's TONIGHT from 6-9. Bring a picnic and a bottle of wine and enjoy! Call 1-800-67-SLOOP x107 x107 or just stop by the boat at the Fairway ferry dock and ask a crew member. Check it out:

Happy Sailing!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clear Sailing

I had the good fortune to go for a sail on the Sloop Clearwater the morning it docked behind the Fairway at the end of Van Brunt Street in Red Hook Brooklyn. Sunny weather and gentle winds made for great harbor exploring.

I joined a summer day camp as they broke into smaller groups and cycled through different educational stations on the vessel lead by the knowledgeable crew that works great with kids. 'Our' net caught flounder, crab, mussels, and other small fish that they kids identified, discussed and touched. The kids learned about climate change, navigational charts, wind and water, sailing, safety and communal life on a boat. And we hoisted the sails - how could I forget!? - Heave Ho!

There was a moment of silence where everyone just stopped and listened - fantastic! Guitar sing-a-longs kept kids mesmerized as we docked once again in Brooklyn.

The Clearwater is schedule to be here through 8/3 for deck tours and sails Check out all the info on their website here. If you can't catch it this go around check the schedule for other dates and locations. It's a great experience. Not to be missed.

Thanks to the crew and Captain Sam for a fantastic sail!