Friday, January 30, 2009


I started the New Year with several resolutions and one of them was to dust off my gym pass and get back in shape. I know it's only 30 days into the New Year, but I must pat myself on the back for my continued efforts.

Now I didn't go hog wild any buy new sneakers or workout clothes, I'm one for using what you have (or what your daughter has that you can fit into). But now that I have created a healthy habit, I feel like celebrating my efforts with a bit of a reward that will keep my motivation going through February.

If you're looking for a little workout reward for keeping your word and making it to the gym more times in January then you did all last year, here's a sustainable and beautiful way to do just that: Brooklynite designer Jill Malek and partner up for new eco-friendly designer yoga mats.
The Yogamatic yoga mat is a completely degradable product that can be disposed of without harm to the environment. Also, because it cannot absorb moisture, bacteria is not stored.The inks used on the mats are all water-based and solvent free.

My personal favorite is the Maidenhair (detail image above) available here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Eco with Envy

Check out my Eco Friendly Group Showcase - published on the front page of Trunkt today. Full of lovely earth friendly items. For more green items check out the Eco Friendly Group.
Happy MLK Day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Second Place

I love you more than is a project by Paperwhite studio that I found via the blog of a new Paris transplant little brown pen.

The project is
"an exploration into the wonderful world of love. Paperwhite studio wants to depart from the cliche valentines sentiment and find out the real things we are willing to put in second place for love. We’ll be collating and uploading them as we go along with the aim of producing a valentines day surprise. . ."

Some of my favorites:
I love you more than you love the dog
I love you more than an unexpected kiss on the forehead
I love you more than the biggest drop on the rollercoaster
I love you more than long fall drives
I love you more than ropeswings
I love you more than sharpie markers (I'm assuming they are referring to the fine point sharpies!)
I love you more than my morning cup of coffee
I love you more than Liz Lemon
I love you more than mixed tapes from high school
I love you more than licking the brownie bowl

As I'm reading them I'm thinking life is pretty damn good and second place ain't all that bad!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wake Up Call

Crush and Lovely made this sweet film in a series asking fifty people the same question: Where would you like to wake up tomorrow? Here's Brooklyn's response:

I particularly loved the music by Au Revoir Simone Watch videos featuring other cities and questions here.

My answer?
I would want to wake up with my family at Hemingways in Watamu Kenya where we spent part of our honeymoon o so many years ago.

Although waking up this morning in total coziness while it's 17 degrees and snowing out wasn't all bad.

How 'bout you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Concept!

My 'recycled sail' google alert picked up this story. The truly beautiful images of Christopher Ottersbach's concept air travel vehicle stopped me in my tracks. Aelus, named after the Greek ruler of the winds, is an airship that floats through the air thanks to it's helium filled 'sail' and was designed for travel with little impact to the environment in mind.

The vertical shape and a fold out stand allows landing in many areas far from airports. People can travel to exotic and untouched places without leaving traces. The concept is not about a fast arrival but about sensibility to the environment and traveling.

Love it.

original post and photos via Tuvie

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in the Studio

It's a chilly 55 degrees in the studio this morning. That's what the thermostat says - I think that the real temp is even colder. The heat was 'adjusted' after our first gas bill was received. I'm one of the early birds here and it's too big a space to heat just for one or two people. So we reprogrammed the heat to come on in the middle and later part of the day when the bulk of the people are here making. So, for now, gone are the days of working without a coat ... and hat and gloves. Let's hope for an early, warm Spring.

In the meantime, I'm catching up on emails and snuggling with the space heater. Although it's always hard to return to work after such a nice long break (the longest I think I have taken since I started Reiter8) coming back to this studio and the opportunities that are ahead makes it easy(er).


Friday, January 2, 2009

Number Crunching

Been crunching those numbers in excel lately. Looking back in order to look forward. Taking a breath (or two) to collect my thoughts (and dreams). Analyze and strategize.

Thanks you for making those numbers possible and for your support in 2008. I'm looking forward to new collaborations of all sorts. Cheers!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

4, 3, 2, 1...

Happy New Year!