Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Thing - Bad Thing - Good Thing

Good Thing: A custom order of bags got finished and was sent out last night (more about that later).
Bad Thing: I was still sewing and missed the reception of Kyle Stavers recent work.
Good thing: Kyles show runs until December 22 at the Lohin Geduld Gallery on
531 W25th St. NYC. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 6
Kyle Staver presents a world of bikers, loving couples, and voluptuous women. Ordinary moments that make up the fabric of human existence are transformed by Staver into vignettes filled with grace, empathy, and surprise. Men and women cohabitate environments, intimately relating to one another. A biker and his rider are chased by a frenzied dog. A woman reflects upon her mirrored self. Staver investigates the fragility and drama of life, complete with all its trappings, joys and sorrow.

These contemporary scenes are enhanced by Staver’s remarkable painterly inventions. Light flickers and bounces through her compositions. Luminous passages of translucent color daze and warm our senses. Her looping lines can suggest the speed and joy of the open road, or the subtle caress of undergarment on skin. Space and light are not merely depicted, but seem to be felt and massaged into existence. Staver composes with planar shifts and scale changes, creating abstract patterns and directional vectors that propel her narratives. Imagined interior dialogues mingle with visual pleasures, as we become both voyeur and participant in Staver’s sensually painted world.

pictured below is Bad Dog on Sparta Road, 2007 oil on linen, 68 x 56 inches

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