Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Keep Tuggin'

This was the scene yesterday when it wasn't just snowing - it was snowing GOBS of snow. Absolutely beautiful, those huge wet 2 inch dollops of snow that somehow manage to fall silently.

It's been a hectic couple of weeks making bags, doing markets and sending out orders (thank you for all those orders - keep 'em coming!!) I caught the mother of all sinus colds that did not knock me out flat because I didn't have time to be THAT sick. Actually, I was that sick, I just didn't have time to be knocked out flat.

A new batch of messengers and totes have been cut, sewn, photographed and will be listed today. Custom holiday orders have been finished and sent out with the exception of a few pick ups that are scheduled over the next couple days.

The beauty of the season is coming into focus - the kids are starting to really think and plan about what they can make for everyone on their list. Decorations have been brought up from the basement and are getting dusted and distributed. It's nice after such a long time of focusing on work, work, work to pause, appreciate and celebrate.

And through it all the tugs keep tuggin'.

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