Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weather Patterns

Seems to me that every fair I attend ends wet. Really wet.
Renegade Craft Fair - wet.
Brooklyn Flea - wet.
Above is a picture of one of the funkiest storm clouds I have ever seen taken at about 2:15 on Sunday. Then there was the lightning...and thunder....and lightning. The lightning was those classic bolts. All beautiful and slightly frightening as I'm standing under a metal tent in an open space full of metal tents.
It poured.
And cleared.
Instantly the market was back in business. Surprisingly quick.
Then there was the second storm: the soaker. It hit at about 4:30. Close enough to closing time that we all packed up and attempted to get out dry. My attempt was half hearted. With all the bags safely packed in the car, I took my time packing in the tables - the rain was a refreshing way to end the day.

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Sherry said...

ohhhhh, we can't win right???!!!