Friday, January 25, 2008

Dear Kelly and Shayne,

I love your letters. It's really sweet to follow your entries writing back and forth to each other about new craft finds. What a great structure for your blog, trans-craft-inental. Kelly and Shayne are friends (one on the East coast and one on the West) with a love for craft in common and they post in turn.

Just about everyday (no kidding) I think of a letter I should write: a thank you note, a little hello. But do I? In a word: no. Well, let's give a girl some room: not yet. So this inspires the letter writer and the craftster in me. (AND my totes were lucky enough to be featured as the Object of Lust here. )

They are members of the Letter Writers Alliance. This place is packed with lots of letter writing, stationary, stamp and postal info: how tos and tutorials, postal goodies, and even personalized stationary for members! Hmmm, maybe I WILL get around to writing that letter today....maybe.
(image from letter writers alliance)


kelly said...

I don't know how, but for some reason your posts recently dropped off of my Google Reader. I just re-found you and saw this post -- so sweet! Thanks for writing to us!

PS -- Am still lovin' my bag. It's great!

Shayne said...

So much love! Thanks for the shout out. Maybe you need stationary with sailboats to get you started?

reiter8 said...

Yes! Some sailboat stationary and that illusive 25th hour in the day. So many little time! ;)