Monday, January 28, 2008

Crash Cart

My husband, Peter, returned form an errand on Sat and said "I've just witnessed one of those New York moments." He went on to explain that just down the block there was a large rather muscular man in a red and white stripe speedo* and a shopping cart who had stopped to get directions from a foreign born little old lady. She was animated in her response - waving and pointing. It was a funny juxtaposition that I wish I had seen for myself.
*It was about 35-40 degrees yesterday
This was a little slice of the Idiotarod NYC 2008.
The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. The IDIOTAROD is pretty much the same thing, except that instead of dogs, it's people, instead of sleds, it's shopping carts, and instead of Alaska it's New York City.

Love the scooby-doo team (pictured below) from this flickr set.

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