Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because She Can

Never underestimate a captain when there's the promise of warmer weather (tomorrow's Brooklyn forecast: Sunny and 69!) and fair winds. One more Brooklyn Public Sail has just been planned for the Sloop Clearwater on Wed, October 21st (yep, that's tomorrow!)

The sunset sail (last one out of Brooklyn this year) is planned to leave the Fairway ferry dock at 5:30.

Kids and adults can cast a net and catch fish in New York Harbor - yes, real live fish!

Are you weighing going to the gym vs. going on the sail? No worries! Enjoy both a light workout AND a sail: help set the 3000 sq. ft. Mainsail - Heave, Ho!

If you choose, bring a picnic and a bottle of wine.

Partake in everything or nothing at all. No matter what, you'll enjoy a peaceful evening on the water amid your busy week.

Because this sail is a little shorter than their normal sails, the prices have been adjusted: $40 for Adults, $30 if you're a CW member and $10 for kids under twelve!

Reserve your place by calling 1-800-67-SLOOP x107 or just stop by the boat at the Fairway ferry dock and speak to a crew member. To find out more about membership, programs and future events go to www.clearwater.org

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