Friday, July 24, 2009


Look what the postman delivered yesterday: a lovely Rhodes 19 spinnaker from Nancy in Kailua, HI! Thankfully she and her husband are good packers and tightly rolled it so that it fit in a free usps flat rate box. Easy!

Love the sailmakers patch. The spinnaker is red white and blue and will make fantastic bags which will fold up into their own pouch for convenient storage.

Cutting and sewing will start next week. Stay tuned!

Many Many thanks Nancy.

Have a sail to donate? Email me at for donation instructions. For every sail donated, you get a bag made from your sail in return. Not to mention a little less clutter in your life.



CWAC said...

Please, please send me pics when the bags are done.

abmatic said...

Pineapple Sails used to make bumper stickers that said "Powered by Pineapples." I always loved that!