Thursday, September 25, 2008

MP3 Experiment #5 on Governor’s Island

Those crazy guys at Imrov Everywhere are at it again. This time with the MP3 Experiment #5 planned to take place this Sat 9/25 on Governor’s Island. Event details here.

Basically, you download an MP3 and listen to it at a designated time in a very public space . The MP3 instructs you to do all sorts of G rated things and on lookers are totally baffled. OK, so it's just plain goofy. But it's kinda funny, too. View past MP3 events here.

If you haven't been to Governor’s Island, it's a good excuse. If you're coming from Brooklyn try this route for added extra fun: Free Ikea shuttle from Borough Hall to the FREE Ikea Water Taxi to the FREE Governor’s Island Ferry.
( Pictured above: lower Manhattan from GI. Below: GI Ferry Terminal.)

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