Sunday, April 13, 2008

Etsy Video Portrait

Yep - that's my closet (aka shipping department, marketing department and raw material storage). Yep, that's also my dining room: studio by day, fine dining by night. It's a little scary putting yourself out there - but happy to increase the awareness of upcycling (and reiter8!)

Thanks to Tara, a video master maven from Etsy who is a talented pleasure to work with. See more of her work here.

See more handmade video portraits on Etsy. You can also subscribe in iTunes and they'll be downloaded automatically.

Thanks Etsy for shining the spotlight my way!


kelly said...

I LOVE this video! It's so great to see you cutting out the pieces of the sail. I was watching it thinking, "That's how my bag started!!"

Yay! Thanks for sharing this.

reiter8 said...

That's right! EVERY bag that I make I cut myself - always looking for the most economical use of the sail and most interesting placement of the sail features like grommets and seams. Glad you enjoyed it!