Thursday, December 6, 2007

Barneys New York Green Holiday Windows

Barneys holiday windows are always topical and fun. This years Green Holiday windows artful recycled bottle caps, cans, metro cards, plastic bottles, gift boxes and more.
The 12 Green Days of Christmas (according to Barneys) include:

12 Tons of Tofu
11 Solar Panels
10 New Age Gurus
9 Organic Carob Bars
8 Tickets to Burning Man
7 Sustainable Ostrich Farms
6 Compost Toilets
5 Rolls of Recycled Gift Wrap
4 Fair Trade Futons
3 Free Range Sustainably Farmed Organic Hens
2 Vegan Chefs

and a Pirus in a Pear Tree!


Anonymous said...

YES!! I saw Barney's windows on HGTV last night and was so happy someone FINALLY went green. And not only green, but mentioned us vegans!!!!!!!!! Many thanks. I have been checking out Xmas windows in NYC since 1952 and this is the best of the best in any city at any time. Barney's, you will now get my shopping business and that of all my friends of animals who are loving what you have done.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Barneys. And may I say it's about time there's a window display that has gone green! Why Americans don't see global warming as a national crisis I do not understand. And to think much of it is due to the horribly cruel intensive "factory farms" and the pollution they cause. Everyone can save a life today and choose compassion as Barney's windows show--don't eat animals! They feel pain like you do!!!!!! You don't need to eat them, but they do need their lives! Check out on the web how animals used for food are tortured way before slaughter. Barneys, please now start carrying bags, shoes, etc. made without animal products. We want to shop there AND look great AND not have to wear animals. Today it is so easy to go VEG. My family and I wish everyone a kinder, compassionate holiday season and New Year for all sentient beings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration Barneys. I have been so unhappy having to have my young children see the other store windows where undoubtedly some poor animals' feathers have been pulled out for decoration as they are murdered; or to have to see everyone gathered around a meal of ham or turkey. My children know where ham comes from pigs who are as smart as our family dog;and know how wild turkeys live. They have educated all their classmates that soy and tofu are not "icky" and we have gone to farm sanctuaries to see the rescued farm animals live out their lives. My children love to pet the cows and hold the turkeys the most. People love the cartoons and pictures this time of year of polar bears and penguins and baby seals. I wish they would be aware that some of these animals are disappearing due to America's contribution to global warming. Even most animal lovers probably don't even realize that seal pups are being clubbed and murdered each year in Canada for our fur. Yes, this still happens people!! If you love the dolphins, think of how they die because we are not green with our plastic bottles. Please recycle if you must buy plastic.
Thank you Barneys. I hope your store continues to educate and carry cruelty-free merchandise.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jersey guy here. Parents dragged me to NYC this weekend and I expected pure boredom. But the folks had done their homework and we walked to Barneys. What a trip. Someone older than 20 actually gets it, and a commercial establishment with designer crap let him show the world to go green. Even took some pics to show my girlfriend and buds.