Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back in the game...

That blog suspension went a little longer than expected, apologies.

I'm back - kind of. Tomorrow I'll be heading up to Beantown to run the Tufts 10k. Originally called the Bonnie Bell for it's sponsor back in 1977, I ran in that inaugural year (and a few thereafter) with my sister, Meg and our track team, Liberty AC (one of whom won the race: then high school senior Lynn Jennings in a time of 34:31.) It was a fun race and just having turned 13, I was ripe for the goodie bag of cosmetics with the prized jumbo watermelon lip smackers lip gloss... on a string to wear around your neck!

My mom also ran the race that year. She started running out of boredom and curiosity after carting me and my sister so many times to and from track practice. One day she stepped out on the track herself and ran a lap. Then two and so on.

She joined the track team that I had run with. She has run marathons although these days, sticks to shorter races. She has steadily plugged away, jogging longer (literally) than my sister and I. I remember how trilled she was to turn 65 because her chances of winning were now renewed in this, her new age group.

So she will be running the Tufts 10k again. This will be her 32nd year...straight. She hasn't missed one. I have traveled to run with her for the past 3 years. Now that I'm no longer a scornful teen who wants to run away from her mom, it'll be nice to keep pace with her - if I can! Wish me luck - I'll need it!!

More on the race here. A bio of my mom and all the other 'lifers' here.

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