Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finished, Again.

The Tufts 10k was a success. My mom (third form the right) and I finished side by side, although the pace was slower than my she had hoped. Frankly, I think that finishing a 10k fast or slow when you are 70+ is enough to be happy for.

I'm very proud of her commitment to running this race. As mentioned prior, she has run it for each of the 32 years that it's been held. The handful of women who share this distinction are pictured below.

The orange bands on most everyones sneakers have a time chip embedded. It's pretty incredible technology - that tiny chip (see that raised bump?) registers your bib number when you cross the start and finish lines.

There were a reported 7,000 race participants and the amazing part is that 7,000 chips actually register info as the cluster of runners pass start line. Go figure.

Happy to be back, although a little sore this morning. I promised to train better next year.

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