Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Juggling this week

This week is nuts.

Husband is traveling all week ... with the car. So, in addition to prepping for fairs (Renegade and Eco Fair at the Brooklyn Museum) I've got full parental duties and all that encompasses: chauffeur, cook, study partner, psychologist, house cleaner, personal shopper in addition to small business owner.

The bright side? At least the husband took the dogs so dog walker is not on the list.

When I was thinking about everything I have on my to do list and the different places I need to be everyday - I thought of 'Penelope' juggling and the quick editing showcasing her self taught hobbies in the 'Brothers Bloom'. (click below)

(A clip from The Brothers Bloom courtesy of Yahoo via trailer addict.)

Here's to keeping all the balls and chain saws in the air!

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