Monday, June 15, 2009

A Stow Away and Good Deeds

Recently, I had a stow away. I was wrapping orders and one of my purse orders 'jumped' into a pillow order and started out on it's journey to Ohio ... via San Francisco.

Kind and honest Melissa, who was the San Francisco pillow recipient, brought this to my attention upon opening her package. She was incredibly understanding. 'We all make little mistakes - that's what makes us human!' She was happy to help re-route the stow away. (I must say, UPS also helped to make it easy. I was able to create a UPS shipment online and email a shipping label for Melissa to print and attach.)

So, a HUGE thank you to Melissa, who's lovely blog: fancy and folly is definitely worth a visit.

The purse has been delivered to it's rightful owner (thanks again UPS for free email delivery confirmations) and my faith in humanity has been restored. However, from now on I'm packing orders one at a time.

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