Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off to the Brooklyn Museum!

No, not me unfortunately. I'm talking about an order of Reiter8 bags, pillows and mini wallets that went out to Brooklyn Museum Shop.

Reiter8 products will be on sale in the shop in conjunction with their upcoming exhibit of Gustave Caillebotte's impressionist paintings. What do recycled sail bags and impressionist painting have in common? Read on:
The approximately forty paintings included in this focused thematic exhibition reveal Caillebotte’s extraordinary passion for subjects in which water plays a central role—as an enigmatic, magical element reflecting its surroundings, as an essential atmospheric ingredient, and as a scene for sporting activities. As a passionate rower and yachtsman, Caillebotte approached his motifs with the trained eyes and hand of an accomplished engineer and sportsman. The exhibition will also include drawings as well as models and sketches for the construction of Caillebotte’s sailboats.

More about the museum's merchandiser's quest for related items in their blog here

Although I will not be going to the museum today to view art I'll be going soon to teach a class - more on that in my previous post here.

The Gustave Caillebotte exhibit opens on 3/37 - 7/5. Hours and directions here.

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