Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Behind the Times

The last two episodes of Design by the Book, a collaborative series by design*sponge and the NYPL encouraging inspiration through the library resources as experienced by 5 local artists, quietly snuck up on me.
Here they are:

And the final episode:

What's your favorite project? Where do you find your inspiration?


leaca said...

Right now I am working on some sewing projects. I photograph a lot and sometimes I need to physically make something. The project is inspired by photography. I am making little pouches for tiny photographs.

These were fun videos--I had not seen them yet. It does make you want to go to your public library, doesn't it???

reiter8 said...

I'm a total library geek. These videos have reminded me of the incredible resource that is FREE to us all.

Wow, sewing so that you can photograph. I wish you were closer geographically - I have a pile of potential subject matter!!