Monday, November 19, 2007

The Flurries Are Starting to Accumulate

No, not snow flakes or presents it's the holiday catalogs that are stacking up. They came a few at a time and then a couple weeks ago the onslaught started and hasn't let up. My husband Peter joined Catalog Choice, a free service that allows you to opt-out to getting catalogs and has been diligently updating our list
According to Catalog Choice:

Over eight million tons of trees are consumed each year in the production of paper catalogs.

There are other significant environmental impacts from the catalog cycle. The production and disposal of direct mail alone consumes more energy than three million cars.

The manufacturing, distribution, collection and disposal of catalogs generates global warming gases as well as air and water pollution. Reducing the number of unwanted catalogs that are mailed will help the environment.

Green Dimes came to my attention this morning. They claim a 90% reduction in junk mail and they plant trees as part of their program. I'm sure there are tons of other programs out there.

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