Friday, May 27, 2011

MIB3 - Brooklyn Filming

MIB3 has been filming in Brooklyn lately. They were in Red Hook near my studio earlier in the week. Yesterday afternoon Court Street and several of the side streets downtown were lined with vintage cars in preparation for filming that was scheduled to go throughout the night.

I thought the taxi's were great.

Especially the fares!

This little red sports car was my personal favorite. I love how the owner is lovingly doting on it making sure it's ready for its close up. And it was - every part was perfectly polished. Sure wish I had this car on a day like today!

Enjoy the long weekend - hope you get a chance to get out and play.


iris said...

I remember when Transformers 2 was filming down the street from my friend's apartment. The explosions were the best :)

reiter8 said...

It is kind of fun! I almost wish I had walked down at 2 am to see the actual filming in progress. Next time...

It is exciting to see your neighborhood on the big screen. I remember seeing our lovely local independent book store on Eat Prey Love and I almost let out a cheer!