Monday, September 22, 2008

Neighborly Fleas

A beautiful day at the Flea yesterday. Had great neighbors. Patty, the veteran dealer (17 years!) was a treat not only because she had a great collection but she is a wonderful character who has been there done that. Slightly jaded by shelping her bins (leaves her house at 5:30 am), she loves what she does and the people she meets by doing it. I observed a steady stream of friends pop in - those dealers are quite a close knit supportive group.

On my other side was a blast of color exploding from Martine's Dream's booth. Sadly no website or pictures to be found at this time, but she is a regular at the flea selling children's and women's clothing and accessories that pack a big punch of vibrant hues. Fun. Did I mention the color?

Across the way was Coral and Tusk. Really lovely embroidered goods: onsies, Ts, pillows etc. Mostly nautically inspired hand drawings that are redrawn in stitches for the embroidery machine to do it's magic. There's a nostalgic sweetness to Stephanie's aesthetic and attention to detail that doesn't quit. (see the laser cut business card pictured below.)

A little blip on their website explains the company name choice and philosophy:
Use of the words coral and tusk originates from the powers entrusted to these precious objects across cultures and over time as symbols of good health and fortune. More importantly we chose these words to evoke awareness and action toward the protection of the animals and the environments from which they come.


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