Monday, June 23, 2008

Dream Away

There was barely enough time to breath this weekend. I left our dining room in mid sail bag chaos and packed it in for a weekend in the Berkshires. We barely stopped moving.

One of the highlights, and there were many, was the reveal when we went out to dinner at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA. Driving, driving, driving through the dark woods and wondering if we were on the right path paid off when we turned on 1342 County Rd to see a small parking lot filled and beyond a white house with a wrap around porch sprinkled with colorful Christmas bulbs and neon signs.

There were families milling around the front yard fire pit. Being a bit late for our reservation, we b-lined it for our table, through the porch, past the colorful bar and stealing a quick peek into other kitsch packed rooms that were later filled with live music.

We were dining with old friends not often seen which left us with plenty to talk about which was good because somewhere between the new cook and the party for 25 our dinners got very lost. Luckily, the food was tasty and ambiance is enough to lure us back for another try and enough to recommend it to others.

Alas, it's Monday morning, back in Brooklyn and back to tame the chaos...

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